4G63-23KIT 85.5mm With Bearings
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4G63-23KIT 85.5mm With Bearings

Varenummer: 250016
Producent: TOMEI
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  33.910,00  DKK


Feel the plentiful torque that a 2.3 liter engine produces over the stock displacement and dominate the competition at any given condition! Having a torque advantage creates a feeling of almightiness as well as enhanced drivability, and adds much more sporty characteristic to the vehicle. This stroker kit can be used in conjunction with a larger turbocharger if even more power is the objective. The forged components does not even come close to comparison over the stock engine by all means, and the price is set at an very affordable rate.
The 2.3 liter transformation on the 4G63 is guaranteed to enhance the performance on the EVO.