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AEM 30-2010 Air Inlet Temperature (AIT) Sensor Kit
Leveringstid: 1-3 dage
410,00 DKK
AEM 35-3400 UEGO Sensor Cable
Leveringstid: 7-10 dage
147,50 DKK
AEM 35-3401 UEGO Power Replacement Cable for Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Leveringstid: 1-3 dage
140,00 DKK
AEM 5.0 BAR 75 PSIA MAP Sensor Kit 30-2130-75
Leveringstid: 10-15 dage
1.073,75 DKK
AEM Bosch Fuel Injector Plug Kit
Leveringstid: 14 dage
96,25 DKK
AEM Peak & Hold Injector Driver
Leveringstid: 14 dage
2.572,50 DKK
Boost Control Solenoid Vare nr. 30-2400
Boost Control Solenoid
Leveringstid: 7-10 dage
915,00 DKK
Digital Boost Gauge. -30~35psi
Leveringstid: 14 dage
1.350,00 DKK
Digital Boost Gauge. -30~50psi
Leveringstid: 14 dage
1.695,00 DKK
Digital Oil/Fuel Pressure Gauge. 0~100psi
Leveringstid: 5-10 dage
1.878,75 DKK
Digital Oil/Fuel Pressure Gauge. 0~150psi
Leveringstid: 1-3 dage
1.878,75 DKK
Digital Wideband Air / Fuel Gauge
Leveringstid: 5-10 dage
1.667,50 DKK
Serial Datastream Gauge Vare nr. 30-4300
Serial Datastream Gauge
Leveringstid: 10 dage
1.881,25 DKK
Tru-Boost Gauge Type Controller
Leveringstid: 5-10 dage
2.937,50 DKK
Wideband Failsafe Gauge Vare nr. 30-4900
Wideband Failsafe Gauge
Leveringstid: 5-10 dage
2.818,75 DKK
Wideband UEGO Replacement Sensor
Leveringstid: 5-10 dage
606,25 DKK