Our name defines our mission, horsepower without compromise. Drivability is never to be compromised for performance. Since our inception in 2003, we have strived to create the highest quality products to cater to the automotive aftermarket tuning industry. Bred from a true conglomerate of horsepower and racing enthusiasts, our brand is synonymous with the highest horsepower cars in the world. Turbocharging is our forte and our roots begin from the famous Toyota Supra platform.

Our first products included turbo kits capable of increasing the factory 320hp output multiple fold. These products were extremely popular and undoubtedly contributed to the Supra’s notorious reputation for being a street/highway king. With over a decade of experience on the JZA80 platform as a team, we not only explored the bounds of the 2JZ engine and the Supra drivetrain, but we pushed the platform to where it is today. Due to these developments, people are confident in modifying the Supra platform today for many purposes. Thanks to its versatility, limitless capabilities, and the fierce competition among some of the biggest tuning shops around the world, the Supra became the sweetheart of the tuning industry. Leading the merciless fights of the 6speed streetcar record days, to the blood-rushing Texas Mile days competing with fellow Supras, multi-million dollar R&D test bed Ford GTs, Twin Turbo Vipers from a wide array of shops, and big horsepower Turbo Porsches throughout the generations, we have never settled for being second. Many of our records in racing stand till today, long after we stopped racing Supras competitively. At Boost Logic, we have continued to lead the industry with cutting edge performance resulting from thoughtful engineering, critical tuning, and flawless execution. Setting and resetting records have become a norm for us. We are always looking to better our performances, pushing the envelope for our competition to follow.

Boost Logic Stage 1 Non-Turbo to Turbo Conversion Kit
Leveringstid: 14 dage
41.508,75 DKK
Boost Logic Stage 2 Non-Turbo to Turbo Conversion Kit
Leveringstid: 4 - 6 uger dage
59.925,00 DKK