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D-MAX GT Wing A140

Varenummer: GT Wing A140
Producent: D-MAX

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We, we have to verify the GT wing of various design until now.
Add TYPE A140 to lineup on the basis of the data.
This model lineup, the wing-wing end plate, ABS reduction. The total weight compared to our previous products, significantly reduced. While finding a lighter, a ladder we also involved to corruption measures at the time that the intense drift during running or collision to the aluminum.
D-MAX TYPE A series is made ??of ABS is environmentally friendly materials, will be supported to a more affordable familiar

feature parts.
Main wing : 1400mm (Material: ABS resin)
Wing end plate : H110 × 260mm (ABS resin)
Ladder part material : Aluminum
Ladder part adjustment range : Angle two-step adjustment
: Height H280 ~ 290mm
: Width W800 / W1000mm (2 stage adjustment)
Weight : About 4.2kg (including wing end plate and mounting parts)