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Honda Integra DC2 Eyelet Type 92-00

Producent: BC RACING

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    ER Series Coilover : Type ER

    For Professional Track
    Front : Camber or Camber/Castor or Pillowball Top Mount
    Rear : Pillowball Top Mount
    Sku : A34

    Product Description

    BC Racings premium flagship coilovers are the external reservoir ER Series with separate compression and rebound damping adjustment. The ER Series coilovers bring with them the high quality and unique features seen on the BR and RM type but have the additional benefit of external reservoirs and the ability to allow the end user to individually adjust and set compression and rebound damping rates.

    The external reservoir ER Series coilovers allow BC Racing to increase the oil capacity of the damper unit. The additional oil capacity reduces peak oil temperatures which decreases variations in damping rates due to oil viscosity changes. The reduction in damping rate variations improves handling and ultimate on road and track performance.