Kaaz Corporation is the top brand name manufacturer and supplier of Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) for racing and street performance in Japan. In 1998, Kaaz USA was established to supply the same high quality parts to the North American market. Today, Kaaz product is recognized as one of the top brand name from Japan in the U.S. racing and performance industry. Many top teams in various racing categories from drifting to road racing use our LSD units for their team cars. Especially in the drifting scene, Kaaz Solid LSD is considered the top choice LSD from beginners to professionals.

GT86 Kaaz LSD 2 way Vare nr. J.1714.2615
GT86 Kaaz LSD 2 way
Leveringstid: 14 dage
7.121,50 DKK
GT86 Kaaz Super Q LSD 1.5 way Vare nr. J.1714.2603
GT86 Kaaz Super Q LSD 1.5 way
Leveringstid: 14 dage
8.043,11 DKK
Kaaz LSD differential for Nissan 200sx S13/S14/S15
Leveringstid: 14 dage
6.827,50 DKK
Kaaz LSD differential for Nissan Skyline R32/R33/R34
Leveringstid: 14 dage
6.853,75 DKK