Megan Racing. Exhaust System & Suspension. Indubitably the two most popular aspects of a performance vehicle that are modified right from the start. From the most heavily modified vehicles in the industry on the showroom and on the race track to the minimalist tuner, who refuses to drive an unmodified vehicle, the exhaust system and/or suspension system is rarely left untouched. This is where Megan Racing chose to focus our efforts on. Our products are designed with performance, durability and especially the budget of the driver in mind. With product offerings for the heavily budget limited enthusiast to the serious, dedicated car enthusiasts who drive their cars to the limit to get the most potential from their performance vehicle.

Megan Racing MR-CBS-S2K06-DS Vare nr. MR-CBS-S2K06-DS
Megan Racing MR-CBS-S2K06-DS
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6.773,31 DKK
Megan Racing MR-CBS-S2K06-OE Vare nr. MR-CBS-S2K06-OE
Megan Racing MR-CBS-S2K06-OE
Leveringstid: 14 dage
8.433,00 DKK
Megan Racing MR-CBS-S2K06-V2 Vare nr. MR-CBS-S2K06-V2
Megan Racing MR-CBS-S2K06-V2
Leveringstid: 14 dage
7.004,00 DKK