At Mishimoto, you never have to worry about the quality of the product you are installing. With eight years of experience in the automotive cooling industry and a growing team of talented technicians, Mishimoto can guarantee a product that will meet your needs and your standards.

Racing radiators, aluminum fan shrouds, silicone hose kits, air diversion plates, oil cooler kits, and more – each Mishimoto product is carefully designed for a clean, direct OEM fit for easy installation.

Mishimoto products are rigorously tested: Our radiators provide up to 25% greater cooling capacity over stock units. You can feel confident knowing that Mishimoto radiators are crafted with meticulous standards using high-quality materials, and they are pressure tested twice for maximum reliability.

Mishimoto radiators have a polished aluminum finish and high-quality TIG welds that enhance the appearance of your engine bay. Our silicone hoses, couplers, and accessories are available in an array of colors that will add style under your hood.

With a limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase, including accident protection for cars and trucks, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our products and service.

GT86 Mishimoto Alloy Rad *LD* Vare nr. J.1696.2696
GT86 Mishimoto Alloy Rad *LD*
Leveringstid: 14 dage
2.272,50 DKK
Mishimoto 2001-2005 Subaru WRX Silicon Ancillary Hoses
Leveringstid: 14 dage
1.142,50 DKK
Mishimoto Mitsubishi Evolution 4/5 radiator hoses
Leveringstid: 14 dage
788,75 DKK
Mishimoto Mitsubishi Evolution 4/5/6 Upper Silicon Hose
Leveringstid: 14 dage
447,50 DKK
Mishimoto Mitsubishi Evolution 6 radiator hoses
Leveringstid: 14 dage
873,75 DKK
Mishimoto Mitsubishi Evolution 7-8 radiator hoses
Leveringstid: 14 dage
725,00 DKK
Mishimoto Nissan Skyline RB Engines Racing Thermostat, 62 Degrees C
Leveringstid: 14 dage
502,50 DKK
Mishimoto Racing Thermostat for 1993-98 Supra
Leveringstid: 14 dage
432,50 DKK
Mishimoto Silicone Hose Kits Nissan 180SX / 200SX.
Leveringstid: 14 dage
657,50 DKK
Mishimoto Universal Dual Pass Race Radiator
Leveringstid: 1-3 dage
3.675,00 DKK
Mishimoto Universal Performance Aluminium Radiator, 25
Leveringstid: 7 dage
2.346,25 DKK
Mishimoto Universal Performance Aluminium Radiator, 26
Leveringstid: 7 dage
2.505,00 DKK
Universal Circle Track Radiator, 31.0" x 19.0" x 3.0", Manual and Automatic
Leveringstid: 14 dage
2.613,75 DKK
Mishimoto 2,5" Silikone 45°  Vare nr. MMCP-2545BK
Mishimoto 2,5" Silikone 45°
Leveringstid: 7-10 dage
193,75 DKK
Mishimoto 2,5" Silikone 90° Vare nr. MMCP-2590BK
Mishimoto 2,5" Silikone 90°
Leveringstid: 7-10 dage
125,00 DKK
Mishimoto 2,5" Silikone lige Vare nr. MMCP-25SBK
Mishimoto 2,5" Silikone lige
Leveringstid: 7-10 dage
50,00 DKK
Mishimoto 2,5" Spændebånd Vare nr. MMCLAMP-25
Mishimoto 2,5" Spændebånd
Leveringstid: 7-10 dage
32,50 DKK
Mishimoto 3" - 2,5" reduktion Silikone
Leveringstid: 7-10 dage
95,00 DKK
Mishimoto 3" Silikone 90°  Vare nr. MMCP-3090BK
Mishimoto 3" Silikone 90°
Leveringstid: 1-3 dage
175,00 DKK
Mishimoto 3" Silikone lige  Vare nr. MMCP-30SBK
Mishimoto 3" Silikone lige
Leveringstid: 7-10 dage
51,25 DKK
Mishimoto 3" Spændebånd Vare nr. MMCLAMP-3
Mishimoto 3" Spændebånd
Leveringstid: 7-10 dage
32,50 DKK