In the early 1960s, Rob Potter whilst working for a radiator repair company, found that the major supplier of water radiator components, Morris Radiators, also manufactured a range of aluminium coolers sold as original equipment on the MG A, MG B and Mini-Cooper.

He realised that achieving the full sales potential for these coolers lay in providing the cooler as part of a kit for a range of cars favoured by go faster enthusiasts.

He agreed terms with Morris Radiators, set up in business and designed and had made the many components required, initially branding them as Motorway oil coolers and components subsequently shortened to Mocal.

His agreement with Morris Radiators was not exclusive and other water radiator companies latched on to the oil cooler market, notably Serckspeed and Covrad. This range of coolers has been a huge success with the racing fraternity and up to the end of the century it is difficult to think of any competition vehicle in the world (USA apart) from F1 downward that was not fitted with this equipment, in recent years with expanding budgets and demands of aerodynamics, designers have opted for custom built coolers costing thousands of pounds for vehicles in the higher echelons of motor sport but the Mocal cooler still remains the first choice for an off the shelf solution.

In 2010 Rob purchased the tooling and brazing plant for these coolers and now has exclusive rights. The assembly and brazing is carried out by experienced specialists in the Midlands. Being, possibly, the most widely fitted component in motor sport, has lead to copies manufactured mainly in China, so make sure it is Mocal.

Mocal Accusump Electrical Oil Pressure Accumulators
Leveringstid: 14 dage
3.895,89 DKK
Mocal Billet Alloy Screw Cap With Neck
Leveringstid: 14 dage
275,65 DKK
Mocal Bolt On Flange For Monza & Aston Caps
Leveringstid: 14 dage
565,00 DKK
Mocal Bolt On Funnel For Medium Diameter Flush Fit Fuel Caps
Leveringstid: 14 dage
366,25 DKK
Mocal Classic `Aston` Style Alloy Fuel Filler Cap
Leveringstid: 14 dage
487,09 DKK
Mocal Classic Lockable Fuel Filler Cap
Leveringstid: 14 dage
1.246,05 DKK
Mocal Flush Fit Fuel Cap Vare nr. MOCCAP3ZF
Mocal Flush Fit Fuel Cap
Leveringstid: 14 dage
794,89 DKK
Mocal Lockable Insert For Bolt On Flange
Leveringstid: 14 dage
338,28 DKK
Mocal Medium Diameter Flush Fit Fuel Filler Caps
Leveringstid: 14 dage
878,75 DKK
Mocal Modern Classic Fuel Cap Vare nr. MOCCLAC275
Mocal Modern Classic Fuel Cap
Leveringstid: 14 dage
830,49 DKK
Mocal Sandwich Plates
Leveringstid: 7 dage
382,50 DKK
Mocal Spill Tray For 2 Inch Flush Fit Fuel Caps
Leveringstid: 14 dage
312,20 DKK