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Mocal Accusump Electrical Oil Pressure Accumulators

Varenummer: MOCACCU1E
Producent: MOCAL

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Accusump oil pressure accumulators are oil reservoirs that connect to the engines oiling system. They are designed to collect pressurised oil from your engine and store it so it may be discharged when oil pressure is low, for instance when oil surge occurs during cornering. This could prevent oil starvation resulting in engine failure.

There is an electrically operated valve which can be switched to shut off when pressurised to store the oil while the engine is switched off. The valve can then be switched open again before starting the engine to provide pre lubrication, preventing wear through oil starvation on cold engine starts. The electrical valve offers an advantage over the mechanical version as the accumulator can be mounted anywhere, whereas the mechanical version has to be positioned within reach of the driver.

Accusumps can be plumbed into the engines oil supply via a number of methods. Either straight into an oil gallery in the block or into a sandwich plate or remote filter head. Pipework and fittings can all be purchased separately for installation. See accessories for options. 

Outlet port 1/2" NPT

 4 Pint - 108mm Diameter x 305mm L. 3.2 Kg Weight